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  3. Looks sexy asf
  4. bot information

    Super premium user can battle gyms?
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  6. I really love my color.. blue for mods.. hmmm i think i dont want to be a mod again .. one day .. bluish doesnt fit to me MWAHAHAHAHA Im quite fashion right now .. Anyway this is amazing.. for real.. miss you guys <3 (this is not my ass, its a little heart)
  7. Good looking A+++ @MacGyver
  8. Nicely done pal
  9. Very Sexy
  10. As you most likely noticed, the Staff name colours have changed. The change is being made to adhere to the overall colour scheme of the PGBot brand. Staff rank icons will also be added to easily differentiate staff departments and stand out more in chat. Here are the new staff colours and icons so you can get familiar: PokeHelper Moderator Super Moderator Administration Lead Developer The donator ranks have also been changed to better illustrate their status as a supporter of PgBot and shown below (they still have their effects no worries): Great Donator Master Donator Ultra Donator Thanks for your continued support of the bot and the community.
  11. That are some great numbers there!
  12. Love it
  13. Dear Community, We love to give you some botting stats every now and then. We are tracking the bot stats since February 2017. Here we go! We have walked 338.744.987,002 KM together! That means that we have walked 8452x across the entire world. We have caught 76.059.231 Pokémon together: 65.214.796 of them were transferred and 4.003.395 of them were evolved! 6.439.652 eggs were incubated. 1.123.199 of them were hatched with the bot. We have earned the incredible amount of 28.736.256.479 XP together: 344.170 levels came out of that. 56.681.539 Pokéstops were spun, which was good for 182.706.449 items: 85.678.670 of the items were disposed. 54.345 Pokémon GO accounts were used to create the above stats. I cannot wait to look at the stats again in a few months. Let's keep it up! The PGBot staff team.
    Fantastic. Thank you so much!
  14. Last week
  15. Very well put! We will have to keep a close eye on this issue as it has in fact wasted a lot of time already. Buying a hash key or a tab is cheaper than a good burger!
  16. @Members @Guests This is a serious message to all of our users. There have been people "claiming" lately that they are giving free hashing keys/free botting to advertise their sites/videos to gain views (sad right?). We are not against people who wants to promote our bot, we even have a section for Affiliations, but we are talking about something different here. Take on count, that ANY shared hashing key, will get you in troubles 200% of the times (bot not working correctly, strange red messages etc..), that's because of the amount of people doing requests to that KEY, that also means your account will have a higher chance of getting flagged/banned. We encourage our users to buy their own Hashing key, or a tab pack, wich is the best deal. Also since this problem is giving the support team a lot of headaches, if we give support to someone wich has a shared key, wich leads to lose our time, time that could be spent to help people who cares about the community and pay for our products, the punishment will be from a warning to even a permanent ban if its really serious. Please, consider it. Best Regards, PGBot Staff Team.
  17. Sudo /opt/jdk1.8.0_131/bin/java -jar PGBot-V2.2032.jar Gives the following error: Error: Unable to access Jarfile PGBot-V2.032.jar Any idea how to fix? Edit: Already got it fixed thanks anyway! Awesome guide!
  18. I never said that you said that I was just speaking in general about what we do with user information.
  19. I was asking about how it would function. I never said you where a fishing company so that was kinda irrelevant Reason I was asking is it looked like a cool feature to add in a site. Nothing more......... .
  20. I already answered that question: I manually put people in the donating group when they donate, then they get the group on discord because it will see the new group. We're not some weird fishy company we only store what we need. We have no interest in the private information of our users. This feature is not written by us either, it's a plugin provided by our forum software. By the way, a new European law is coming for 2018 on which companies have to make a datasheet on where the user can see all of his/her information stored by a company. Huge fines (over a milion euro's) will be given to companies not following this law. I am glad that this law is coming finally.
  21. If nothing is logged then how does the bot know what the rank is when its updated? For example A Regular user decides to donate, Then how would the bot know to update their rank if it didn't store any personal information. Kinda curious how it works.
  22. It only takes the information PGBot already has, so your username and the groups you're in. Nothing else gets logged on our end.
  23. What does the new bot take as far as information? What I mean by that is, does the Bot track any personal information? Does the site log any of our personal information? Im sure these are questions others will ask as well and would like to know.
  24. Dear Community, We have migrated the forum into our Discord.. with a Discord bot! Existing users can now link their Discord account with their PGBot forum account, granting them their rank automaticly within Discord as well. This means that our Tab users, Premium members and Super Premium members are finally able to have their rank color in our Discord as well! With this, we also have our bot mention any new announcement and client release automaticly, in the pgbot-news channel. And something handy for our future users: you can now also register to PGBot using your Discord. Do you have any other ideas for our Discord? Please let us know, our Discord channel was lacking alot of out attention so it's time to improve it! How can I link my Discord account to my PGBot account? It's really simple! You only have to go to your settings ( and from there you have to click on the Discord tab on the left, you just have to click on sign-in and let the magic happen Thank you! The PGBot staff team.
  25. Can use gym ? EX:battle gym or something? thx
  26. thanks it looks like you fixed it?
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