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  3. Is there a v2 tutorials page yet to i might get prepared 4 the v2 release 🙏
  4. Omg omg omg omg. 3 days!!!!
  5. Hi

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi

    Hello I am new to PGbot , I have been following this forum from quite couple of weeks and thought of giving it shot . I am happy to see that it works like a charm . Also any one in this form from India particularly Hyderabad.
  8. Lol. Can't believe. I thought March or April is most optimistic date to expect. You are really amazing, all of you
  9. Pokémon GO updated to version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS And now what?
  10. This makes me happier than a Snorlax getting fresh Diabetes meds
  11. Great!!! Looking forward to saturday
  12. snipe

    Thank you, but I'll stick with my method as it's working for me (hope no jinx)
  13. snipe

    I know its maybe farfetched, but it works for me. Just want to share it with you guys. Try it!
  14. great job guys! cant wait!
  15. Happy times!
  16. Gym support, sounds great. Can we trial this to see if it works well enough to pay for?
  17. snipe

    Well I usually only check "razz berries" and I have never been soft banned. And allot of this makes no sense to me. Why would they put out random pokemons that isn't visible on the map? And how does that even work? Do they have an "visible" field in the JSON for all pokemons that is saying if it should be shown or not on the map? And if so, don't you think the bot community would have picked that up?
  18. V1 will stay active as long as needed ^^
  19. can we leave the V1 more than few days please, for lot of reasons one of them stability,.... thanks
  20. My b-day is on the 18th of this month so maybe release it for just me lol :)?
  21. Saturday can not get here fast enough.
  22. could you explain how gym feature will work? please
  23. snipe

    Oke added the 'Need to check catch pokemon box' to the tutorial. read it and u know why u get soft banned while sniping!
  24. So we will have gym battling on the bot ? How will that work ? thats the feature I'm most excited for ! could you explain it a little ?
  25. It will be, but maybe on one of the updates soon after release. Not sure if it will be in the initial release or not.
  26. The 2Captcha auto solver would be the most important feature for me. Will the V2 contain it? Finger crossed
  27. Last week
  28. 0.51 ofc, just as PGBot v1.
  29. this is so amazing! can't wait for v2.
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