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  4. i got this massage on my boted accounts and on my main-account , but i never used any 3rd party software or anything else on my main-account.... i changed my pwassword on all of them, hopefully it helps me not to get banned because i did it
  5. Welcome to PGBot, Enjoy your stay
  6. I see what went wrong, I've send you an email!
  7. Hola.
  8. Welcome to the club
  9. Hello! Good game!
  10. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay
  11. Hello leute super website have everything u need to know about pkmn go
  12. !wonderful
  13. Hi Rafleasia, How thing's going...? i am still waiting for your reply on my prize wining! Regards,
  14. Last week
  15. THX!
  16. Version 2.0.23


    Punkt startowy: Akwarium Gdyńskie MIR , Poland szerokość: 54.5199 Długość: 18.5500 Walking Speed (KM/H): 7.167 Speed Variation (KM/H): 2.344 XP per hour: 45k+
  17. Who knows, if we tell you it's safe and you get banned, you would complain, so. It's everyone decision to bot or not. Bottting = bannable. Be carefull, and do what you think you have to. Sincerely, RevKTL.
  18. I do not want to lose my account. Do you have any advice? Can I use the stick or wait with it?
  19. Warning here to. It's a 2rd warning my account. I stop the pgbot. A little bit. Maybe not banned
  20. well since i am away in a place with no pokemon go, i can only use the bot. Luckily no warnings pops up on pgbot
  21. i have 2 accs.they warned me in both
  22. Hmm, pgbot emulates various phones - mainly iphone and ipads. Additionaly if I have Samsung phone then maybe they can check which phones were connected? And if they listed more phone models they may suspect boting
  23. I guess I Will play legit for a month or two .... haha ... How can Niantic even think i used third party stuff
  24. hay i seem to be having an issue after my guy has a break it seems to get stuck and not carry on. not sure if any one else has had this or not
  25. postingo for pgcoins
  26. nice ;D
  27. IGvault had some issues but they finally send the accounts. Luckily!
  28. Earlier
  29. waypoints

    Version 1.0.0


    The entire waypoint file for Victory Memorial Drive in Minnesota. This includes the area known for (formally) having 6 stops within reach at one time. This goes from the southern tip of the route all the way north, then East to the Mississippi River.
  30. Yep and in the store.
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