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  5. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Thank you everyone good support any suggestion of other botting pokmn go? if you have extra account can i have it? my account got banned
  6. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    This community will be missed dearly
  7. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    try reading what others write before commenting.. the 'flag' I'm talking about is pretty blatantly when an account gets the 'failed to retrieve game data from server', it is 'flagged' by niantic. accounts get 're-activated' through waiting. 'FtR' isn't permanent. It used to be, though, and I have a pair of banned accounts that get the FtR but those are from the beginning. A lot of people nowdays unfortunately still believe that FtR is a ban, which it, 99/100 times, is not. I know what a real ban is, thanks kid. ^>^
  8. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    thx very much guys for all ur work wish I found u guys sooner thx for all the hard work and support so sad to see this happen
  9. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    so thats your way to re-activate banned accounts ? youre joking? The flagg you got is just a warning to stop using a third part programms. with a real bann you cant even log in to your account because of "missing connection to the server". and it does not change by switch to another device
  10. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    I started to bot 2 months after pokemon go got relesed and i tried alot of great bots, but this bot was the best and it will always be, i would never ask for a refund. I wish the staff all the best of luck with other projects and see ya all sometime in the future!
  11. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Where do we msg for refund
  12. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    spewing to see u guys go i wish i had found u earlier so i cld of had done a account fully <3
  13. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Can we please have it for one more day i know greedy but I LOVE THIS BOT. 1 more day 29th please
  14. where is the store ?? i dont see it in forum .

  15. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    wow holy crap.
  16. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Ty everyone!!! Hope we all see soon
  17. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Thanks for all!
  18. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Thanks to everyone for be part of this.
  19. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    hawtness. Nevar log off! yeah I have about 32 accounts I rotate through. Once one gets 'flagged' I move it to another notepad file and check it every week or two. after a while the 'flag' disappears and about a week after that I can log into it again. I just rotate through the accounts and when one gets enough good pokemon I stop logging into it (backburner it until trading becomes a thing) and make a new account. d(-_o) bah, humbug. I'm still logged in. I was asking when/if it would shut down on me.. so I guess never as long as my cpu doesn't crash...
  20. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    I will put the client back online for only today - for those who want to say goodbye to it.
  21. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    You found a way to re-activated banned acct? Please share if you are willing. The bot is already stopping for any new log on unless you were already botting then it will keep continue 'forever' until you log out of the bot.
  22. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Today is a sad day indeed. It'll be missed. Thank you all for the amazing experience I had here. I'm sure we meet again in the future.
  23. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Hi I chose this bot because its community and your excellent support. I wish that legal pressure stop soon. So sorry.... My congratulations to all of you for your excellent work, and good luck!!!! P.D. I´m not going to claim for any reimbursement... I think all your work is worth much more.
  24. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    It has already been put offline.
  25. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    so question; when will the bot stop working? I could care less if the accounts I'm using get suspended, I found a way around that. I just want to know how much longer the bot will continue to work.
  26. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    We are always working on new things and trying to come up with ideas for new projects. Im sure one day you will see our names on another project
  27. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    Mate you served us well keep my bit of money good luck for your future and hope you continue to code something bigger and better.
  28. [Important] PGBot Signing Off

    I had a short, but a really good time with you all here. I wish the best in the future for everybody here!
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