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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw 07/22/2017 Recently bought a lvl 33 acc. Very kind and fun person to talk to. Totally recommended for future sales! Devilshands Devilshands
shades shades 07/21/2017 Got great service and nice offer. Now trying the new account! Obuma Obuma
shades shades 07/20/2017 Shades was very helpful and gave some advice Sathiran Sathiran
shades shades 07/19/2017 Shades was very patient and helpful in getting me back into the scene. He is very fair also! garaux garaux
EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw 07/18/2017 Awesome seller, quick exchange. Willing to communicate with buyer. Recommended++ exduos exduos
EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw 07/12/2017 A lovely seller who has been super helpful! Account is fantastic, so thank you very much!!! ZaraLam ZaraLam
EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw 07/09/2017 Patient and trustworthy. Overall a great seller. 11/10. Would buy from him again (LOL I'll actually do that!) Inhubus Inhubus
EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw 07/08/2017 Great seller ,Instant delivery, everything going smooth so far massa massa
shades shades 07/07/2017 awesome seller and the best customer support ever help me the hole way. Riv Riv
shades shades 07/06/2017 Just a nice guy Slippery Slippery
Rainish Rainish 07/06/2017 Amazing turn around and awesome to deal with. Highly reccomended 4riskie 4riskie
shades shades 07/04/2017 Great guy and great product. I would refer and recommend him to anyone. thx Shades InvaderReaper InvaderReaper
shades shades 06/25/2017 This guy is a real bro. He answerd me every dumb question and act very nice in every situation. I recommend his Product in every way! Keep it up great work Shades larrythelobster larrythelobster
shades shades 06/24/2017 Shades is a great and straightforward seller. Clear in communications and fast in delivery. A trusted and appreciated member of the PGbot community. Keeper_of_Secrets Keeper_of_Secrets
shades shades 06/20/2017 Perfect communication even if I wasn't sure for the buy he explained everything and with details. Patient and kind. Accounts working perfectly and with no problems. Hope for a future work again if needed. Bumbolicious Bumbolicious
Rainish Rainish 06/17/2017 Very trustworth seller No complaints Here InvaderReaper InvaderReaper
shades shades 06/06/2017 I can't say enough good things about Shades. Shades made sure that I understood exactly what I was buying, and explained every little bit of information so that I was 100% happy with what I was getting. If you ever need or want an account, this is the person you need to speak to. Thank you very much for everything you have done. You are the Best. combsrob combsrob
shades shades 06/05/2017 Great buy! Kept up amazing communications throughout the entire purchase. Bought 4 accounts, lvl 35 and extremely safe looking accounts :) Could not be any happier with this seller. Definitely recommend. EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw
Rainish Rainish 06/02/2017 INCREDIBLY AMAZING GUY!! Ive been buying from him for a while! Very trustworthy, sent as friends and family with an almost no wait turnaround. Very friendly and prompt with his responses. Do NOT hesitate to buy from him. Couldn't recommend more! alagxutyr alagxutyr
Rainish Rainish 05/31/2017 good buy :) very trustworthy and easy to work with. Definitely recommend! EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw
pcp pcp 05/27/2017 bought a pack of the LVL 1's, so far all verified and confirmed that email is changeable :) good buy EliteJigSaw Icon EliteJigSaw
Rainish Rainish 05/26/2017 Thanks for honnest and fast service. This guy can be trusted as merchant. All best wishes for your future. MysticGuardian MysticGuardian
shades shades 05/15/2017 Bought 3 accounts and was granted access right away. High level accounts, well and safely maintained and clearly communicated all throughout the transaction process. Excellent buy. Lure_King Icon Lure_King
Nike Nike 05/15/2017 Stephie Bourrg sort it out NOW Noxian Noxian
Nike Nike 05/15/2017 Ignore the positive feedback earlier this is NEGATIVE! I tried buying an account of this guy over a week ago and he has been online multiples times since then which is not hard to view. I paid $25 dollars for an account and I have not even recieved one message! Do not ever buy from this person! :@ Noxian Noxian