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    I started to bot 2 months after pokemon go got relesed and i tried alot of great bots, but this bot was the best and it will always be, i would never ask for a refund. I wish the staff all the best of luck with other projects and see ya all sometime in the future!
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    Hi I chose this bot because its community and your excellent support. I wish that legal pressure stop soon. So sorry.... My congratulations to all of you for your excellent work, and good luck!!!! P.D. I´m not going to claim for any reimbursement... I think all your work is worth much more.
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    Dear Community, Today is a sad day for PGbot. Due to continued legal pressure, we have made the difficult decision to shut down the bot permanently. This is not a choice that we made lightly, nor the desired course of action, but it’s the decision that must be made. As you have seen, we made changes to the service in hopes of continuing, however, it’s become clear that this is not a viable option moving forward. Given the ongoing loyalty of our user base, PGBot will be compensating users who have initiated their service on or after August 18th, 2017. Please apply for your refund before September 1st, 2017 in writing to the Administration staff (any form of contact is fine just please don't start disputes, you can just PM Raflesia or mail us). The PGBot Staff would like to thank all of you in the community. Together, we have created something that was unparalleled in the botting world. It's with a heavy heart that we must say Goodbye. Sincerely, - PGBot Staff @Members @1 Tab User @2 Tabs User @3 Tabs User @Premium Member @Premium Member + 1 tab @Super Premium Member @Super Premium Member + 1 tab @Ultra Donator @Master Donator @Junior Premium Member @Great Donator