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  1. 0.51 ofc, just as PGBot v1.
  2. Dear Community, It is our pleasure to announce that PGBot V2 will be released on Saturday the 21th of January (GMT+1), on a yet to be announced time. We have been really looking forward to this day for months now, so we are really glad to finally have an ETA out. Here is some more information, to answer some questions: What will happen to PGBot V1? - We will keep PGBot V1 up even after the V2 release, for a few more days. This will be to give our users some more time to get used to the V2 client. Will PGBot V2 be accesible for everyone at it's release? - Yep, everyone will have access. You still need atleast 1 tab package or your own BossLand key though. But, we will probably introduce a new trial system which will have a trial tab included. When are new payment methods being added? - This is still alot of work in progress, and we still hope to have it all up at the end of January. But, as it's alot of paper work and several instances working on it, it really depends on the waiting time. We might not make it before the end of January. Will the current packages or premium perks change? - The only changes we will make are (in our eyes) good ones. We will for example add gym support for either or both, (super) premium packages, etc. So everything will stay the same, beside the extra's. This is all I could think of, but if you have any other questions, hit us up on this thread. We would like to thank you all for being with us, you rock guys! Raflesia & the PGBot staff team.
  3. We aren't ignoring bugs, V1 is a mess and we just couldn't find the issue. That's what V2 is for, to fix all of the V1 shit. It's hard to locate the bug as we ourselfs run fine and many others are too. We are well aware of the V1 issues and the problems it can cause to our users, I'm sure we'll do something with V2 for compensation.
  4. how come eggs aren't being hatched?  is there a certain speed the bot has to run at?

  5. V2 will have it fixed.
  6. On the middle? Do you mean the regular white/red pokeball? Or the blue thing on the most right corner?
  7. Good point, but you aren't forced whatsoever to join in on any competition. People should always use their common sense. But there are definitely things we have to becareful of and think of. The competitions are still on the drawing table.
  8. Well we were working on V2 for the most part of the downtime. The issue with these downtimes are that as soon as it's cracked and released, only then we'll have the new stuff and only then can we change the things needed for the client to work again. In this process, we will always miss stuff as there are many features and many random weird errors that wont happen on just a 1 hour test run. For example the razz berry issue, it starts to happen after like 2 hours of running for the most people. And as we don't want to stay offline even though everything is cracked, these releases get kinda rushed. Either way, V2 isn't months of work anymore. In fact, we already had a staff release yesterday. Not saying that V2 will come in two days, but it's close. We only fix critical V1 stuff at the moment to get V2 out asap, as V2 will be a savior to us all. But the V1 code is a mess, as PGBot originally started as just a hobby project for fun. Thus most of the current issues, could literally take a full day or days and that is critical V2 time. V1 client is almost stable enough, we only have to disable the razz berries to avoid alot of problems and I think we should do that for 1.046 asap. Aside of that, most people can run for more than 10 hours just fine with V1 at the moment. With what I've said above, I would like to give a last reaction to the simple add-ons. Even though it may sound simple, really the easiest thing like just adding a text somewhere, can be a hell of a job. Programming is not easy. Especially not when your framework sucks, and V1 is lucky enough to have that. Many of the requested features by our members the last 5 months, so ever since we started, were either not possible or it would be a hell of a job thus time consuming, and sadly, the developers never had that time as they had to keep fix stuff. That is why we have decided now, especially since V2 is close, to drop the V1 updates except critical updates. Otherwise, V2 will never happen and than PGBot would finally meet his doom in a few months, as we cannot continue with V1 anymore for such a long time frame, it simply has too many issues and not alot of possibilities and it would cost us all of our users. V2 should have happened atleast 2 month ago. But it's not too late, yet. I can guarantee that V2 will be worth the wait and that we will probably, as we have always stand for customer service, do something in return for all of our users that had to go through all of the troubles and issues past 2 months.
  9. I believe the cause of that bug is too deep, I cannot fix that sadly as I'm not really into java that much, I can only take-on the less complicated bugs. The developers wont prioritize this issue over the V2 development I think so there's no one to fix it. We will have to wait for V2 which is getting closer and closer, daily.
  10. Did it do that with the .exe or .jar? Or both?
  11. Yeah I'm looking into this ^^
  12. We never supported it either, but, at this point it indeed doesn't matter anymore. First of all, other bots already support it ever since the start of PGO, and second of all, the whole gym system is unethical. What if I was a new player? All gyms are full by 10 lvl 40 people. What is the point in gyms even, coins are worthless.
  13. Buenos días. 
    estoy interesado en usar el bot y pagar una cuenta pero no tengo tarjeta crédito y no se como usar pay pal alguna otra forma de pagar mejor dicho alguien me podría ayudar =( .... Gracias


  14. Hi

    Interesting hobby you got there! Some really nice loot too. Welcome.
  15. Welcome on-board.
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