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  1. Cant Use it on my Debian PC

    Can I ask where you purchased your key?
  2. PGBot Rank Changes

    As you most likely noticed, the Staff name colours have changed. The change is being made to adhere to the overall colour scheme of the PGBot brand. Staff rank icons will also be added to easily differentiate staff departments and stand out more in chat. Here are the new staff colours and icons so you can get familiar: PokeHelper Moderator Super Moderator Administration Lead Developer The donator ranks have also been changed to better illustrate their status as a supporter of PgBot and shown below (they still have their effects no worries): Great Donator Master Donator Ultra Donator Thanks for your continued support of the bot and the community.
  3. My brother-in-law needs help! [STEAM]

    I'm on it bud, I'll spam much as I can and get chat mobilized. We take care of family!!!!!! 😉
  4. PGBot Rules [Last Edit: 13/04/2017]

    Thanks for the update, keep up the good work.
  5. MacGyver

    Thanks guys, I won't let you down. @Mysteryy right back at ya. You sexy man you @Raflesia Thank you, I look forward to more projects. Make me busy pls @Pat-ji Thanks, your personal bot tester is at your service @RevKTL Thank you, anything you need I'm a click away @Debug Thanks to you for all the help and tools to keep me up to date @maykemon thanks, I'll fill my quota of animal gifs and last but most certainly not least, thank you to all of the staff team and debug team for all you do for me and the community. To the members, thank you. You guys made me look good and helped me get to where I am. As for me my goals remain the same, make the staff, devs, admins life easier. Make the community stronger, and helping to better the bot as a whole. So remember to all of you I'm just a click away, and I leave no one behind Much love to the PGBOT Family!!!!!
  6. Lure-party - The day after ...

    Love it man, love it!
  7. Help a friend

    I put it on loop and letting it run for a few hours at least